Our Team

Ms. Alicia Rodriguez

Spanish 1st-8th Grade Ext. 3231

Ms. Alicia Rodriguez began her profession as a teacher in the year 1983 in Puerto Rico. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Pedagogy with a specialization in Biology at the University of Puerto Rico. Subsequently, she worked as a substitute teacher for the public school teacher and most recently at St. Brendan Catholic School.  At the same time she was working towards her Bachelor’s degree in Spanish. She is the proud mother of a 22 year old boy who is currently enrolled in college. Having grown up on an island where Spanish is the first language, Ms. Rodriguez chose teaching Spanish to children whose first language is English. She takes great pride in watching her students become bilingual by way of speaking and writing the Spanish language, in addition to teaching them how to think in Spanish all the while remaining spiritual with a continued belief in God.