Our Team

Mrs. Adela Almaraz

Pre-Kindergarten 2 Assistant
My name is Adela Arias de Almaraz. I’m originally from Panama and come from a devoted Catholic family. All my education was under the Catholic faith system. I graduated from Marymount University of Virginia in 1989, with a BA in Graphic Design. Both my husband and I strongly believe in the catholic faith education, and therefore enrolled early on all our three daughters at St. Brendan. As a Mother, I was always involved at St. Brendan Elementary with the different class activities supporting the Teachers. As each of our three daughters graduated from St. Brendan Elementary, we continued to provide them with a Catholic education, both at school and at home. For the past sixteen years, our family has been part of the St. Brendan community. As the years went by, my love for this school continued to grow and began working at St. Brendan Elementary. For the last seven years I have been a teacher’s assistant for Pre-K 2. I truly enjoy working with the Piccolinos and having the opportunity to teach them about the Catholic faith and the love for Jesus and Mary.