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Ms. Zabrina Valdes

Religion 6th, 7th & 8th Ext. 3214
Ms. Zabrina Valdes graduated from Barry University in 1994. That same year she started working for the Archdiocese of Miami as a 2nd grade teacher at St. Michael the Archangel. The following year she transferred to St. Brendan Elementary School as a 1st grade teacher. Fifteen years later, she moved to 3rd grade where she taught for two years. In 2012, she was assigned to teach 2nd grade, and loves it there. Ms. Valdes truly enjoys her career as a teacher, and being able to make God the central point of every lesson. She encourages her students to live their faith through their interactions with one another. Her expectations through teaching is not only to instruct, educate and coach the students with the school guidelines, but also to convey her faith in God to every child trying to make their lives more fulfilling.