Our Team


Mrs. Michelle Noviot

5th Grade Ext. 2415
Mrs. Michelle Noviot became interested in the teaching profession from a ripe age. When she was in her fourth year of primary school, Mrs. Noviot’s sister was diagnosed with Dyslexia and was a non-reader for her first three years of primary school. After spending an entire summer tutoring her younger sister, Mrs. Noviot realized that God had bestowed her with the gift of teaching when her sister, then an eight-year old child started reading after just two months of instruction. This experience lead Mrs. Noviot to pursue a degree in Exceptional Student Education. During the fall term of 2012 Mrs. Noviot earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Exceptional Student Education. Just two months after earning her degree, Mrs. Noviot was blessed with the opportunity to teach first and second grade special education students at Saint Brendan Elementary. Mrs. Noviot is currently teaching sixth grade special education students enrolled in Saint Brendan’s Felix Varela Program. Mrs. Noviot looks forward to many blissful years of teaching at Saint Brendan Elementary and plans to start working on her Master’s Degree in the summer of 2014. Mrs. Noviot’s motto is simple and can be summed up with Skinner’s words: "Give me a child and I'll shape him into anything" (Skinner N.D.).