Yearbook Club

Yearbook Club is a group of middle school students whose main purpose is to produce the annual Navigator yearbook.  Students will learn basic lessons in photography, writing, editing, and design. Throughout the course of the year, members will take pictures at school and community events and organize them into the yearbook.  All members will be trained to use the Walsworth Yearbook Online Design Program and assisted by Ms. Lucy, will be given the opportunity to design a digital spread that they can work on during scheduled meetings.  The club will also help with other yearbook-related tasks, including marketing ads, organizing picture days, promotions, and yearbook distribution. 

 Putting together a yearbook from start to finish is a full of tasks that will create valuable learning experiences. These experiences are aimed to teach students valuable skills needed to thrive in the 21st century. Throughout the process, members will apply creativity and innovation; use critical thinking and problem-solving skills; learn to work cooperatively as a team; and develop a sense of accountability and responsibility. Yearbook club also helps build character. The yearbook process provides students with a strong sense of pride when it finally arrives in May. Everyone’s hard work and dedication comes to life in a book that can be treasured for a lifetime.