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We are Education...
We are a Legacy...
We are Family...
We are a Community...
We are St. Brendan Elementary!





  Mission Statement

St. Brendan Catholic Elementary School, in collaboration with its families, fosters the Spiritual, Social, Intellectual, Emotional, and Academic growth of our students.  Our mission is to prepare and educate students to become compassionate individuals who live their faith by following the Gospel values of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Through devotion to Mary and an active sacramental life, students will become socially responsible adults and witnesses of our Catholic Church.


Vision Statement

St. Brendan Catholic Elementary is committed to the spiritual and intellectual growth of the whole child by nurturing our student's Catholic faith and fostering their academic development through a rigorous curriculum presented in a learning environment that is conducive to high levels of student engagement with continuous evolving technologies.




Upcoming Events

5/24 Varsity Sports Award Banquet 6:30pm
5/25 iPad Rental Returns Deadline
5/26 8th Grade Breakfast 9:00am

Floating Holiday

No Classes

5/30 Memorial Day
No Classes

W alk-a- Thon

Last Day of School for 8th Grade Students

No After School


PK2 Ceremony 9:00am

No School for 8th Grade ONLY


PK3 Ceremony 9:00am

8th Grade Graduation Ceremony 7:00pm

No School for 8th Grade ONLY

6/6 PK4 Ceremony 9:00am

Final Exam for Algebra I Dual Enrollment 8th Grade

6/7 Kinder Ceremony 9:00am

1st-4th Awards

5th-7th Awards

Last Day of School 12:30pm